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Your go-to spot for seriously tasty Detroit-style pies in San Clemente.


An Authentic Detroit-Style Experience

Our signature pizzas feature a thick, rectangular crust with crispy exterior and a soft, airy interior. Baked in traditional Detroit-style pans, the caramelized cheese crust gives it that extra crunch. From timeless classics to inventive combinations, our pizzas pair perfectly with our salads, wings, and sharable pizza sticks. Every bite is a journey to Detroit right here in San Clemente.

Now available: Visit our full bar right in the heart of San Clemente! With 19 drafts, custom cocktails, and live music every weekend.


Crafting Detroit Magic in SoCal

In 2020, our passion turned into a pizza-making adventure right from our home kitchen. What started as a way to share our love for Detroit-style pies with friends and family soon exploded into a local phenomenon. The demand led us to operating as a popup for three years, and finally opening our brick and mortar location where we continue to bring the Motor City spirit to San Clemente and beyond.